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Gum Disease Impacts Your Heart Health

"We all think that cholesterol is important to heart disease. The health of your gums is a more important predictor of whether or not you will have a heart attack or not."

Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., FACS Director, Cardiovascular Institute
Columbia Medical Center, NYC
ABC News, Good Morning America: December 15, 2008
The Stages of LANAP

LANAP® gives us the ability to possibly save loose teeth that would have needed to be removed otherwise. The steps of LANAP surgery include:

  • Pockets Are Measured
  • Laser Is Used to Remove Bacteria
  • The Calculus Is Removed
  • Laser Is Used to Create A Clot
  • The Gum Tissue Is Compressed 
  • The Bite is Adjusted

Laser Periodontal Disease Treatment in Augusta, GA

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is a faster, more comfortable periodontal disease treatment in Augusta, GA with Dr. Ben Timmerman that safely treats progressive bacterial infections and restores health to the teeth and gums.

Laser Surgery for Gum Disease:

• No need to cut or suture the gum line to reach and destroy bacteria
• Minimizes up to 90 percent of inflammation, reducing pain significantly
• Fast recovery, less reliance on pain medication
• Little to no gum recession resulting from treatment
• Grows new bone to support existing teeth

LANAP® for the Treatment of Gum Disease

1. To begin laser gum disease treatment, Dr. Timmerman will first measure your gum pocket depths and identify the amount of attachment loss using a dental measuring instrument.

2. The FDA cleared PerioLase® MVP-7™ is now used to enter the gum pockets and kill bacteria without causing any disturbance to the healthy portions of your gums. Inflammation and bleeding are minimal, and patients rarely feel any discomfort or have any resulting gum recession.

3. Ultrasonic scalers are also used during the procedure to eliminate the layers of tartar that have built up on the teeth and under the gum line. In some cases, the laser can be helpful beforehand to denature the tartar and make elimination easier.

4. Dr. Timmerman will protect your gums from reinfection by creating small clots around the teeth using the laser. This seals the treated areas so that your gums can heal.

5. Compressing the remaining gum tissue against the root surfaces of your teeth will encourage natural reattachment without relying on stitches.

6. The last critical step is to adjust the bite and make sure no trauma was sustained during your gum disease procedure, which is important among patients with significant bone loss.

LANAP® for periodontal disease treatment in Augusta, GA makes visiting the dentist a whole lot easier. Call Dr. Timmerman today to arrange your personal laser gum therapy consultation.

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