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Are Dental Lasers Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted initial marketing clearance for soft tissue surgery in 1991. Since then, lasers have become an integral part of many common dental procedures.

Dental laser usage generally falls into one of the following three categories:

  • Disease Diagnosis 
  • Soft Tissue Procedures – Used in treatments related to lips, gums, or the tongue 
  • Hard Tissue Procedures – Used in treatments related to bone, dentin, or enamel

As science and technology grows more advanced, laser dentistry continues to evolve and expand into new areas of dentistry. Recent authorizations for lasers in dental treatments include bone re-contouring in the jaws and teeth as well as disease detection in tissues.

Treating Gum Disease with Laser Dentistry in Augusta, GA

Laser dentistry in Augusta, GA with Dr. Ben Timmerman makes gum disease treatment easier to endure and more beneficial to oral and overall health than ever before.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment:

• Isolates and destroys bacteria without cutting or suturing
• Is comfortable with minimal inflammation and bleeding
• Does not injure healthy gum tissue
• Gums heal fast – usually in 24 hours or less
• Supports existing teeth by generating new bone growth in the jaw

Advancing Treatment Outcomes with Laser

Lasers have been used in various healthcare fields for decades to significantly improve diagnosis and treatment results for patients with many kinds of illness and disease. In the early 1990s, the Food and Drug Administration cleared laser for use in dentistry, and today leading periodontists such as Dr. Timmerman often choose laser over other methods to treat patients with gum disease and other oral health problems. When treating moderate to severe gum disease, laser provides a minimally painful procedure for patients and permits him to target bacteria and infected areas with greater precision. Laser even stimulates new bone growth around existing teeth.

Understanding How Laser Works

Laser defined is, “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” Laser energy is similar to sunlight but not in its entirety. If you were to pass a sunray though a prism, you would see a rainbow of different colored wavelengths. Medical lasers project a single beam of colored light that is designed to travel to the target area with remarkable accuracy. This is why Dr. Timmerman prefers laser for gum disease treatment because unlike using a scalpel, which harms healthy gum tissue, laser goes right to the source of the problem, removing only bacteria and diseased areas without harming healthy structures.

For laser to work, a source of electricity is needed along with a mirror for guidance, a semiconductor system to control the wavelength, and fiber optics to carry it to the target area.

Using the PerioLase® MVP-7™ for Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Timmerman chooses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser tool for treating gum disease because it is backed by strong science, FDA cleared, and continues to be rated as one of the leading tools used in laser dentistry today.

With the PerioLase®, Dr. Timmerman can eradicate bacteria in less time and with minimal discomfort because it can identify the source of the problem and remove it fast. The laser only looks for and removes diseased tissue and bacteria, completely ignoring nearby healthy gums. This creates a much more comfortable experience for the patient because there is less inflammation and bleeding. Recovery is easier as well because the gums are able to heal much faster without the need for sutures.

The PerioLase® even promotes new bone cell growth around teeth so they have a better chance of surviving. Traditional gum disease treatment cannot provide this same level of benefit. In fact, laser gum disease treatment provides more benefits than any other method.

Moderate to severe gum disease treatment has never been easier. Choose laser dentistry in Augusta, GA with Dr. Timmerman and call our friendly team today to arrange your personal laser gum therapy consultation.

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